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Just Because......

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Just because... well that's the reason i give my husband when i arrive home with another pair of shoes... from the moment i have tried the shoes on in the shop i have all the reasons why i need these pair of stunning shoes that as soon as i put them on my feet i feel fabulous... wither it be the ones with too a high heel that i know i will have to take off in about an hour and will have sore feet for about 3 days to the boots that i just don't want to take off and i go searching outfits to match. My love of shoes has never changed from when i could try on my mums as a little girl, through my 20's when going out the shoes where the stars and the memory makers.... now in my 40's i am living my ultimate dream of selling shoes.. i don't think age has anything to do with what shoes you love... i have ladies come in and say "oh im too old to wear those" and my response is always you are never too old to wear the shoes you fall in love with...

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